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Adia Icons

adiaaida's icon journal

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This is the icon/graphics journal of adiaaida. You will find icons and wallpapers... and maybe some other fanartish blends. And I might, at some point in time, post some tutorials, if people beg. But no one has as of yet, so no tuts so far.

Latest icons: Alias, GG ( here )

1. Comment as much as possible. Comments make me feel special. and I'm more likely to make more if you do :D. If you take, please comment so I know where everything's going.
2. Credit is a must. Credit either adiaicons or adiaaida in keywords for icons or userinfo for mood themes, etc.
3. Requests are cool. You can request here
4. Hotlinking is very VERY bad. Don't do it. Thank you.

pics from alias-media, eevee_gurl, and sarkattack.


dtissagirl morayasicons angstyicons
peach blush


disappearicons spaceyme likegunfire checkmate__ teh_indy 3am_icons lvlwing_icons detoxcocktails pessimistchick colorfilter wickedripeplum



the rest are in my memories :D.

___iconishly julia_thorne13 elvis_art divinegraffiti silent_scream19 octoberspy rougedicons deepslut nocturne_love krycons

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